All of the Planty Studios Vocal Plugins are based on a Zodiac constellation, taking notes and ideas from many different mythologies. Special Edition plugins are based on other, less-known constellations, to signify their specialness. Specialness FTW! This lists plugins that are scheduled to be released. Click the name to go to that character's Page! Unreleased plugins are signified with a ???

Planty Studios Vocal Plugins; Main Series

Taurus (The Bull) - ???
Gemini (The Twins) - ???
Cancer (The Crab) - ???
Leo (The Lion) - ???
Virgo (The Maiden) - ???
Libra (The Scales) - ???
Scorpio (The Scorpion) - ???
Sagittarius (The Archer) - ???
Capricornus (The Sea Goat) - ???
Aquarius (The Water-Bearer) - ???
Pisces (The Fishes) - ???

Planty Studios Vocal Plugins; Special Edition

Apis (The Honeybee) - ???

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