Planty Studios strives to bring you high-quality, adaptable, and affordable Voice Plugins, for all users! Our sales motto is to listen to people who buy our products, and change the voices and costs to fit everyone's needs and expectations.

Planty Studios Voice Plugins are affordable and high-quality!

Pricing Comparison:
- Vocaloid: Anywhere from 80$ US to 300$ US, not including the Vocaloid3 Engine or accessories such as Plugins and other derivative products. Quality is very good, but can differ based on studio. Updates on all engines and voices is free, but if you want to but an Append, you either have to buy the original voice first, or buy all of the appends together or separately at a raised price. Cross-program support with other  products such as Cubase or the infamous ReWire plugin is very glitchy and basically unusable, and you will have to buy a new version for Cubase.

- Macloid: Goes from 15$ US to 20$US, and quality is not very good. Voicebanks are provided in one format, with no Reason4 Plugin unless you order the (now unavailable) Macne Nana 1S product. An UTAU "oto.ini" file is not included for early products, and the one included for the Macne Nana 2S, Macne Petit2S, and Sasayaki-San products is machine generated and does not work in UTAU at all.

-UTAU: Almost all Voicebanks are free, however there are some you have to pay for (Namely Windows100% Voicebanks). Although quality differs and ranges from horrible to very good, no plugins or Mac support are provided with Voicebanks, and cross-program interfacing is virtually impossible.

Benefits of Planty Studios Voicebanks:
- 20% Discount on all Appends of purchased Voicebank
- 10% Discount on all other Voicebank purchases
- A Reason 4 "ReFill" Plugin will be included
- Voicebank will have two versions included in the package: a .wav (Windows) and .aiff (Mac)
- Voicebank will be compatible with Reason, Logic Pro, GarageBand, and UTAU (Windows) and UTAU-synth (Mac)
- Both Voicebank versions will be OTO'ed and tuned for UTAU
- Triphonic (VCV) and Diphonic (CV) voicebanks will be included for both UTAU versions
- All Voicebanks will be Multipitch and contain an Omake (a voicebank with counting, laughing, etc)
- Appends will be bundled with original Voice with slight price increase
- Appends can be bought in any order and are not required to have the original voices.
- All updates or patches of previously bought Voices are free.

Price Ranges:
- Original Voicebank; 8 to 11 Dollars
- Append Voicebank; 5 to 8 Dollars
- Append Pack; 8 to 11 Dollars
- Voicebank Suite; 11 to 15 dollars
- Pick any four Voices of any Voicebank for 20 dollars

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