Supported Platforms

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Platforms Supported by P-Studios Plugins;

UTAU (Windows) and UTAU-Synth (Mac) by Ameya/Amaye- This freeware engine was developed as an alternative to Vocaloid! With the ability to import your own voice and download hundreds of others, UTAU is a very flexible Vocal Synthesis Platform!

GarageBand- A software developed by Apple, this easy-to-use desktop music studio has taken the world by storm! Another popular Vocal Series, the Macnes, are usable by this platform as well.
  •  AppleLoops- A subset of GarageBand. This easy-to-use loop packages can be imported into many different Apple music softwares

Reason4 and Up- Developed by PropellerHead, Reason4 is unique with it's visual style of creating music! As well as this, Plugins and Vocal Data can be loaded into the software using "ReFills" and other accessory files.
  •  LogicPro- A subset of Reason4. This popular DAW Plugin makes sampling vocals easy and fast.

Cadencii and v.Connect STAND- This very useful program was developed by HAL, and can combine the rendering engines of VOCALOID1, VOCALOID2, UTAU, and, the most unique one, v.Connect STAND. Very few Voicebanks can run in Cadencii, however all P-Studio Plugins are equipped with the necessary programming.

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