How To

1. Import the available .AIFF files as an instrument
2. Simply select the syllable you want to use
3. Then use Pitch, Note, and Time modification to make it fit the musical piece you are composing.
4. Do this with all syllables! Remember, switch to a higher or lower sample for more realism.

1. Open UTAU, and Import the Voicebank you want (CV, VCV).
2. Remember, use the provided .AIFF Voicebanks if you are running UTAU-Synth
3. Choose the Voicebank in the drop-down menu in Song Properties, and enjoy!

1. Load the provided ReFill Plugin into Reason4
2. Use the now imported ReFill Plugin in any bank you choose (However, a Combinator bank is best)

You can also use any of the samples in any musical program you choose!

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