Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kontakt Partnership Dropped, v.Connect STAND Partnership Enabled!

Due to the high cost of licensing with Kontakt, we have dropped support of that platform for all plugins.
We've partnered with Cadencii, so v.Connect Stand libraries are a go!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Custom Skins for the Krios Bundle!

I have created custom color skins for UTAU and UTAU-Synth based on the Krios Bundle Vocals! The skins will be included with the bundle, so get excited! :D

Krios Custom Skin
Lumina Custom Skin
Lupa Custom Skin

Krios Bundle Update

Although progress has been somewhat limited as I keep finding new things to add, steady headway is being made! C:

On the Krios side of things:
- Krios has undergone "Cadencii" importing, and .wav to .vvd file conversion is happening in order to optimize him for the v.Connect STAND platform that "Cadencii" utilizes.

- All vocal samples recorded for Krios have been resampled into a higher bitrate (from 41000 to 48000). This increase clarity and consonant audibility by ALOT, and I may decide to keep this bitrate for release. However, there are some drawbacks so further tests are needed. 96000 bitrate is out of the question, as it is too large and UTAU cannot handle it very well.

- The alpha Voicebank recorded for Krios may be put up for public testing (the Alpha voicebank is made of samples that did not make it past the quality check), to give everyone a demo of working with him (In UTAU, anyway)

- The GarageBand voicebank is nearing completion, while the Reason4 Plugins (the ReFill and NN-XT Sampler Libaries, to be exact), will soon follow, as they are comprised of compressed GarageBand samples. The plugins will have a little Chibi Krios as the pop-up logo when you install him, it's all very neat :D

- Lupa and Lumina are very nearly done. Lumina is completely done, while Lupa needs treble sample aliasing and a bitrate test (just like Krios).

- Kontakt Libraries are in jeopardy as of now. Kontakt, as far as I know, requires licensing fees in order for people to sell custom Libraries. However, if we can find a loophole, Krios will have a Kontakt Library as well. Or we may end up paying the licensing fee, who knows .w.

And on the "Taurus" side of things:
- Recording began today (8/20/2013) on the "Taurus" project. However, after tests in all of the synthesis platforms, I found that the tone of voice does not match the "Taurus" image. The voice may be recycled into a later release (such as "Cancer" or "Libra").

- Bilingual compatibility (JPN and ENG) will be included for the "Taurus" voice (whatever release it becomes), if the voice actor consents and feels comfortable recording all of the samples needed.

Other Projects:
- A Chinese-language only plugin is about to begin development, and may be offered as a tie-in with another Library, or as a Pay-With-Tweet campaign in order to raise awareness about P-Studios.

- Experimental phoneme tests have begun in the "Cadencii" engine, in order to see if we can emulate VOCALOID phonetic assignment with a v.Connect STAND-based library. Doing this will enable us to tackle English and other complicated languages much more easily.